PLANTING Easter Sunday 2016 Back in October last year our garden ‘armageddon’ ( see earlier post) descended on Innisfree. Recovery began the following week with an eye on the coming year. Much planting of bulbs, corms, wallflowers and forget me nots took place. Has it come to fruition? Well so far so good. The crocuses […] Continue reading →

Back on Track

BACK ON TRACK February & March 2016 With days slowly lengthening and stiff left hip easing at the prospect of spring, it was time to ‘get back on track’ with a first run of the year. So on February 23rd, on a recently serviced Armstrong , I followed the Bowmont upstream and into the hills. […] Continue reading →


TRACKS Different bikes over different ‘tracks’; sixty miles covered accompanied by echoes of musical ‘tracks’, and with no mishaps, no ‘tears,. As you can see the classic track riff continued until the end. The Smokey Robinson song “Tracks of my tears” was my final flashback on that day of the brake block – Hardrock run. […] Continue reading →