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LIFE IN THE FAST LANE October 2016 “What have you been up to Dad?” inquired our daughter Beth when she phoned. “Very busy” was my reply and I gave her a quick run down of recent events. “Wow, life in the fast lane” was her verdict though delivered with a chuckle. I laughed too given […] Continue reading →


“Watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll” (1) Three hot days in mid August called out for John Lennon’s lyric to be put into bicycling practice. Fittingly inspired, I set out on ‘Hardrock’ for an exploration of the old railways around Cornhill. With a warm wind behind me […] Continue reading →


OUT AND ABOUT Kielder Water: May 18th. It was to be a big day in my ‘Hardrock’, off road, cycle ride calendar: the circumnavigation of Kielder Water just over the border in Northumberland. In prospect was a ride of twenty seven miles around the largest man made lake in Northern Europe. The fifty mile drive […] Continue reading →


WHEELS ON FIRE April 2016 Well it certainly felt that way on two recent runs on Specialized and Raleigh. The Dylan lyric and Julie Driscoll vocals pounded through my head as I held on tight during two fast downhill stretches. Let’s take them one at a time. On April 9th I set out on Specialized […] Continue reading →

Back on Track

BACK ON TRACK February & March 2016 With days slowly lengthening and stiff left hip easing at the prospect of spring, it was time to ‘get back on track’ with a first run of the year. So on February 23rd, on a recently serviced Armstrong , I followed the Bowmont upstream and into the hills. […] Continue reading →

Bikes with bird moments

 Bikes with bird moments: right place, right time. Early 2015 Let’s start with the February ride. It was a special one, the first major trip on a new ‘Specialised’ mountain bike; a 65th birthday present. The coastal path from Spittal to Holy Island promised adventurous, scenic cycling through a variety of bird friendly habitats: sand […] Continue reading →