Kiva aims to support small business people in the developing world, by providing loans to help them start their business. Whether it is a rickshaw driver in Palestine or a local farmer in Ecuador, Kiva allows people to offer their support through providing a small loan. On average, a staggering 98% of people who loan through Kiva are paid back, and their money can then be reinvested into another endeavour. Amazing!

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Pen pictures of current and past beneficiaries of this web site venture are below:

1. Myrian Ximena,Ecuador.
Myrian lives in Cotapaxi province in Ecuador. She is a single woman whose aim is to rear and sell chickens and their eggs. My daughter recently spent time in Ecuador and found it a very welcoming country. As a child she kept chickens herself so Myrian kind of self selected!

2. Hidup Baru Group. Seven women who sell vegetables and cakes from roadside stalls,and local village markets in Nusa Tenggara Timur,Indonesia. Nusa Tenggara is the poorest of the Indonesia’s thirty provinces. The women aim to buy more ingredients and vegetables in order to grow their business. They are sponsored by Sam and Windy Melton. Sam writes from Jakarta, “women like the the Hidup Baru Group are commonplace throughout Indonesia,selling their very tasty wares. They are on their feet all day very often breathing in terrible pollution. If anyone deserves a break they do.”

3. Oebatan Group. Six women led by Theresia who breed chickens for sale at their local market. They live in Nusa Tenggara province, Timur, Indonesia.
This support was made possible by re deploying the repayment of earlier loans.

4. Abdullah. Abdullah lives in the Yemen. His country is a war zone. Life is hard. He is seeking to improve his home for his family by installing an energy efficient solar panel. Abdulah and his family are sponsored by Beth Archer.

5. Ermelinda. Ermelinda lives in Mozambique. She is aiming to improve her home for her family by upgrading its sanitation. This support, which is made possible by the re-deployment of repaid loans, will help her install a septic tank.

6.The Salimas group. This group of women live in Tanzania. They have created a cafe and are seeking to upgrade it with some new equipment. This support was made possible by the re-deployment of loans repaid by other recipients.

7.Muzaffargarth. This woman lives ad her four children lives in one of the poorest parts of Pakistan. She embroiders garments and sells them. This support will allow her to invest in more threads and sequins.

8. Fatima. Fatima lives in Ghana. This loan will help her install a proper toilet in her home for her family.

NOTE The ‘communication breakdown’ of our web site earlier in 2018 saw the erasure of some of our Kiva recipients. These were ; the Tchaka group from the Congo, the Hue group from Vietnam, the Alinane group from Malawi, the Grupo Mayeres group from Guatemala, the Roselyne group from Kenya, Ameer from Palestine and Noami from Palestine. To date we have supported 14 enterprises and lent $600 of which $400 has been repaid and redeployed.

9. The Immaculada Concepcion De Pacca Group. This group resides in the disadvantaged district of Anta in the department of Cusco, in Peru. Our sponsorship will help Nelida, a single mother and member of the collective, to breed and feed her chickens and guinea pigs on the group’s smallholding.

10. The Tadala Group. Malawi. This loan was was facilitated by the redeployment of paid up loans. It supports women who live below the poverty line by allowing them to start up a new business. Martha’s Tadala group of women will invest the funds by stocking their hardware business with tools and materials.

11. Cauries Group. Senegal. This Covid affected group needs emergency funds to survive the pandemic. This loan was facilitated by the redeployment of paid up loans.

12.Analie. Supports a woman poultry farmer in the Philippines.

13. Pedro. Timor -Leste. A hardworking farmer who can develop his plot with more seeds and fertiliser.

14. Fernando. Timor-Leste. A farmer in need of equipment, seeds and fertiliser.