My eBooks

Over the years, I have put pen to paper and starting writing some of my own stories. Many draw on the experience of growing up, while some are pure make believe.

A list of my publications are below – all are available on Amazon, links provided below. Proceeds go to Kiva.

1. Topsy, the tree top parrot. A story for six to eight year old children. It recounts the adventures of a young parrot who is whisked away from her island home in the Java sea by a fierce storm. Can she find her way back home? Buy Here

2. Getting things together. Two stories for six to eight year old children involving young boys and girls and their involvement with the natural world. When the unexpected happens, who can save the day? Buy Here

3. Being Valiant. Three stories for children aged nine to twelve. Read about Sparky and John, their ups and downs at school and with friends, and how they met the challenges. Find out how Joe and Sam discover a mysterious carving on tree, the wreckage of a second world war fighter-bomber and learn how the two were linked. Buy Here

4. This, That and the Other. A collection comprising poems, brief accounts of travel, cycling and walking adventures and a short story set in the near future. Read about Bali culture, the delights of St Abbs and the College valley, and the experience of dementia. Buy Here

5. Echoes and Heading North. Two long stories about the pains of imprisonment and life thereafter. What awaits Billy and Jack on their release into the wider world? Buy Here

6. Dilemmas. Two long stories about the dark side of rural life. Read about the experiences of two people, the dilemmas they face and the consequences of attempting their resolution. Buy Here.

7.Topsy the Tree Top Parrot. Now available as an illustrated book and available from Amazon.

8.Beyond Blind Faith. Available as an e book and also a hard copy both from Amazon. 59 pages in length. This is a story set in Elizabethan times. Set on the estate of a powerful baron, the story is driven by the political intrigues and plots of the day. It follows the lives of a priest catcher, his quarry, a Jesuit priest and the role of a local family which gets caught up in the pursuit.

9.Lines of Life. A collection of my poems spanning thirty six years. Available as an e book from Amazon. Also available as a hard copy and audio CD. Contact me at for details. All proceeds from any sales will go to TREEAID.

10. Points of No Return. Available as an e book and hard copy from Amazon. This story is a sequel to Beyond Blind Faith and readers can follows the life of Seymour Waite, Elizabethan priest catcher. Suffice to say he is taken into uncharted territory. 20 copies sold so far with proceeds going to two KIVA recipients.